• Amy O'Brien-Gulka


Updated: Feb 21

During this past shit show of a year, I like most people embraced my spiritual side. I immersed myself in things like Tarot and crystals and surrounded myself with as many plants as I could get my hands on.

While I still stuff a crystal in my bra once in a while and I have a few remaining plants that didn't wither under my black thumb, Tarot has remained a constant. Every day I will pull a card or seven to help me during my day.

Every day is different. I am not talking about the card itself but more so what that card does for me and to me. Some days it gives me confidence, some days it brings me joy, some days it feels like a warning and other days it can bring me a good story idea.

So while I do not consider myself a professional or even mildly talented when it comes to Tarot, I wanted to share what I am experiencing when I pull my daily card.

So every Tuesday, I will pull a card for my collective followers or those just passing through and share a message that I believe you need to hear.

TL;DR I'm pulling a card for all of you!

Today I pulled from my Moonology deck, one I feel very in tune with.

On the face of it, this amazing card is telling you that you are good enough. The message I felt was clear and concise, and selfishly was exactly what I needed to see when I flipped over that card.

As a whole, I feel as though this message needs to be heard, the world over. Stop selling yourself short and own who you are. You are meant to be here and you are meant to share your gifts with the world, whether they be creating stunning masterpieces hung from the walls of museums, or teaching students to read, or delivering groceries to those who need it. You all bring something special to this Earth and I am personally thankful to have you all here.

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